What Happened When The Class of 2015 Was Born (1997)

Class of 2015’s births were at a time of many historical and infamous occurrences. Country music was changing hands and now classics were just coming out in the theaters. Country music was much more “laid back”, but was beginning to change, and bring on a more rock/pop sound.

1. Tim McGraw/Faith Hill – It’s Your Love

“It’s Your Love” is a song that made number 1 in 1997 by Stephony Smith, and then performed by country music superstars Tim McGraw and his wife, Faith Hill. Released back in May of 1997, “It’s your Love” was the very first single on Tim’s album, “Everywhere.”

2. Kenny Chesney – She’s Got It All

Kenneth Arnold “Kenny” Chesney, reached his very first number 1 hit back in ’97 with his song titled “She’s got it All”, and has since gone on to become a mega country music star – breaking barriers through pop culture and beyond.

3. George Strait – Carrying Your Love With Me

“Carrying Your Love with Me” – a song performed by country’s greatest, George Strait. Released in May of ’97, “Carrying your love with me” was the second single of his album and was a no. 1 hit for quite a while.

4. Titanic was the Top Movie

The Titanic was a blockbuster hit in 1997, and is still considered a must-see among film buffs and Titanic enthusiasts alike.

5. Shania Twain – Love Gets Me Every Time

“Love Gets Me Every Time” was written and produced by Shania and her now ex-husband, “Mutt” Lange, and was released in late ’97 as the lead single of her then current album.

6. E.R. was the Top TV Show

E.R. was the number 1 T.V. show back in 1997 and went on for another eight years. A show originally starring the now famous, George Clooney, was set in a New York Emergency room and followed the lives of the medical professionals employed there.

7. Seinfeld was Second

Seinfeld held the second spot for most watched shows of 1997. It was a long-lasting comedy, loosely based about the life of Jerry Seinfeld. It was labeled “the show about nothing” and was beloved by many and still is very popular.

8. Tyson Bit Holyfield’s Ear

In the now infamous fight between Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson II; Mike Tyson shocks the world-over by biting the ear of Evander Holyfield during a boxing match, and was the butt of many jokes for years to come.

9. Garth Brooks – Longneck Bottle

“Longneck Bottle”, written by Rick Carnes and Steve Wariner, was recorded and made a country music hit by the great country music artist, Garth Brooks. Released in late ‘97, the song “Longneck Bottle” was a single released from his album and is still a favorite bar song.

10. First Harry Potter Book Released

In 1997, the first of the Harry Potter phenomenon books was released, and the series of seven has since been made into the very popular Harry Potter Movie series, with the final installment released in theaters back in 2011.

11. Kevin Sharp – Nobody Knows

Kevin Sharp releases song “Nobody Knows”, a cover topping Billboard country charts for four weeks. Sharp was a bone cancer survivor, and has since gone on to work closely with the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

12. Diamond Rio – How Your Love Makes Me Feel

Written by Max T. Barnes and Trey Bruce, “How Your Love Makes Me Feel” was made popular by country music’s Diamond Rio – reaching Billboard’s Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart, and was released in May of ’97.

13. Alan Jackson- There Goes

“There Goes” was written, performed, and released by famous music singer/songwriter, Alan Jackson. It was released in the summer of 1997 and reached Billboard’s Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

14. Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, John Denver, Chris Farley Died

Several very famous celebrities died in 1997, including Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, John Denver, and comedian Chris Farley. The world still remembers and celebrates the life of the Late Princess Diana.

15. LeAnn Rimes – How Do I Live

“How Do I Live” – written by Diane Warren, was first recorded by LeAnn Rimes in 1997 and later recorded and performed by Trisha Yearwood. Both recorded versions were released the same month in 1997, although Rimes’ version reached a #2 spot for four non-consecutive weeks.

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