Our 21 Favorite Country Themed Coffee Mugs

Whether it’s an afternoon walk in the tobacco fields or riding the four-wheelers up to the fishing hole; country gals work hard and hold strong to their traditions and values. Make a better start to your long, hard day by picking one of these Camo, Country or Farm-life inspired coffee mugs and tumblers below:

1. The Gun Mug

The Gun Mug

Stick’em up cowgirl, with this novelty Gun Mug in black. Perfect gift for your favorite gun lover, or even a great conversation piece for morning mealtime. This pistol-formed ceramic coffee cup is what you need for your morning coffee or tea.
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2. Chrome Pistol Coffee Mug

Chrome Pistol Coffee Mug

Girls Who Love Guns watch out! This chrome-plated coffee mug will surely get your blood flowing with a strong cup of morning rot-gut. Country gals love their guns, so why wouldn’t we enjoy this unique Chromed Pistol Mug?
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3. Cowgirl Pink Ceramic Gun Mug

Cowgirl Pink Ceramic Gun Mug

Country girls deliver a powerful punch with this not-so-girly Pink Ceramic Gun Mug. Perfect for a late night cup of spiked cider, sitting by a roaring fire, this Cowgirl Gun Mug will make the perfect gift for the pistol toting country girl in your life.
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4. Grenade Mug

Grenade Mug

Not only does the “take a number’ say it all, but this Army-green Grenade Mug will let folks know to stay-back until you have had your morning cup-of-joe. Perfect for both hot or cold drinks, and the ideal gag-gift for your girlfriend’s bridal shower.
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5. I Love Guns & Coffee

I Love Guns & Coffee

Move Over Starbucks, the gun-loving gals are here to stay. This humorous coffee café-styled mug looks a lot like a major coffee chain icon, but with a lovely lady holding up two guns. A picture-perfect gift for a coffee and gun fanatic. 
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6. Sleepy & Tired Coffee Time

Sleepy & Tired Coffee Time

When this mug is cold, you get a “sleepy face”, when you pour in your hot morning beverage, you get the “awake face”. Let your sweetheart know – not to mess with you until you have had your caffeine fix. When he sees the awakened face on your mug, he’ll know his country lady is ready for the day.
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7. Coffee Mug with Spoon

Coffee Mug with Spoon

Even Mossy Oak Gals would love a trip to Paris; the closet thing for most of us is the adorable, four-set Paris swirled designed coffee mugs with spoons.
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8. I’m Trying To Be Awesome

I'm Trying To Be Awesome

This adorable quote mug, comes in a cute gift-box, and is the perfect present for your “Awesome” cowgirl. Black, with lead-free paint, and dishwasher safe – this coffee cup will tell them how awesome you really are.
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9. Mossy Oak’s Camouflage

Mossy Oak’s Camo Camouflage

When you poor in some hot morning brew, this Camo Mug changes into total camo! Hold up to 11 big ounces of hot apple cider, and you can watch this coffee mug go from black with Mossy Oak camo lettering to completely camo in an instant.
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10. Break Up Coffee Travel Mug

Break Up Coffee Travel Mug

Made from Stainless Steel, this light-Pink Travel Mug with Sip-lid is perfect for those busy mornings on the go. Mossy Oak Caters to us Country Girls with the decked in camo Traveler Coffee Tumbler.
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11. Born to Hunt

Born to Hunt

Before heading out the door to kill that big buck, pour yourself a cup of black-gold with this quote Camo Coffee Mug. This Huntress Coffee Mug will make the perfect gift for this upcoming Holiday Season!
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12. Love You a Bushel

Love You a Bushel

This cutesy quote-mug is the perfect cup for that adorable country gal in your life. An 8oz gray coffee cup, with the quote double-printed, so everyone can check out this charming little quote. 
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13. Whitetail Deer

Whitetail Deer

Ladies, this mug has to be on top of your Christmas shopping list, as your hubby will flip over the Whitetail Deer Sculpted Mug. With Sculpted Antler for the handle, this is a true work-of-art coffee cup.
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14. She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

The name of the mug says it all, this old-fashioned tractor coffee mug is a perfect addition to your country-kitchen décor. If this coffee mug doesn’t “turn you on”, as the second line of the song, then you are not a lady from the country.
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15. Monogram Initial Rustic Fall Leaves on Wood Flooring

Monogram Initial Rustic Fall Leaves on Wood Flooring

This Photo-Quality Ceramic Coffee Mug offers a beautifully, delicate country design to supplement any kitchen décor. The monogrammed cups are gorgeously created with an old-fashion hardwood flooring background; like the ones in the old country store.
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16. Verse Mug

Verse Mug

This simple yet elegantly crafted coffee mug is classically rustic and offers a glossy glaze overlay. The simple attention to detail in the vintage style coffee cup is amazing with the Hebrews 6:19 words of “Hope” painted on the front. 
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17. Anger Management

Anger Management

With the words “I flunked anger management’ etched out on this coffee mug, we all know some redneck that would really appreciate this mug.
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18. Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

Electric, Stainless Steel with Automatic Self-Mixing Coffee Cup: This cup is ideal for you mommas on the go, this Self-Stirring Coffee Cup will mix that sweet cream and sugar in your coffee, while you get the kids to school, or get yourself to work!
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19. Gross Smokers Coffee Mug

Gross Smokers Coffee Mug

Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are. This has to be the utmost disgusting, yet hilaroius coffee gag-gift you can give. Looks as though someone has used their coffee cup as an ashtray.
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20. Horses in the Mist

Horses in the Mist

This gorgeous painted horses mug is a great gift for your horse trainer or your horse loving children. The Horse coffee mug can be used but would look lovely displayed inside of your china cabinet. 
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21. John Deere Ceramic Coffee Mug

John Deere Ceramic Coffee Mug

Most country-folk know what John Deere stands for hard working farmers and workers in the field. Pay tribute to your past present and future with this keepsake coffee mug with John Deere branding and colors.
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