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15 Camo Dog Accessories

This is our dog – we sometimes call him “Camo Puppy” because of the coloring of his fur. He is the best dog we’ve ever had. Here he is enjoying some of that great fresh air we have out here in the country. But don’t you think he is missing something? That he looks a little naked? Speaking of naked, that reminds me of a saying that cracks me up every time I hear it—that the definition of “naked” is not wearing any clothes and “nekkid” is when you’re not wearing any clothes AND up to no good.

Anyway, back to this article. My husband hates when I dress our dog in football jerseys and thought I wasted money when I bought him a John Deere leash, but I think these camo dog accessories would be great new additions to any dog’s home. Don’t have a dog? These would be great Christmas gifts for the dog lover in your life:

1. Camo Dog Bowl

For anyone who is an army camo enthusiast, this would be the perfect dog bowl. It says it is unbreakable which is a must for most dogs. It also has non-slip rubber on the bottom to help keep your dog from pushing their bowl across the floor and making a mess.
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2. Drymate Realtree Large Dog Bowl Place Mat

Buying a place mat for our dog’s bowls has been one of the best things we have done to help keep our kitchen clean. We used to have dog food crumbs all over the place until we got a mat. It has a non-slip surface that helps it stay put, and you can throw it in the washing machine to clean it.
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3. Realtree Duck hunting dog collar

All of you duck hunters out there may already have one of these for your dog, but I couldn’t help but include it as it goes with our theme.
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4. Camo pet sweatshirt

I am putting this on my wish list for Christmas. Oh my goodness this is so cute! I want to buy one for all of my military relatives’ pets too. Not only is this really stylin’ camo but it also is lined in fleece and has a built in pocket…not sure what a dog would need to keep in there…any ideas?
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5. Camo Tug of War toy

I think this would be the perfect thing for Santa to put in my dog’s stocking this Christmas. It is durable, but also machine washable (you need to let it air dry), and…bonus, it floats!!
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6. Pink Camo Dog Collar

I didn’t want to leave the girl dogs out of this one. I don’t think my husband would appreciate me putting this on our male dog though.
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7. Realtree insulated dog kennel jacket

Help keep your dog a little warmer in their kennel and do it in style with this insulated kennel cover.
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8. KONG Camo Wubba Dog Toy

I love the KONG Wubba—not only is it a great toy, but the name is fun to say. And now they have them in camo too!
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9. Camo Dog Bed with Fleece Underside

A neat feature of this bed is that it is not only filled with polyester filling, it also has cedar shavings in there too for a nice cedar smell. The fleece underside gives your dog options—I don’t think mine cares whether he is laying on fleece or fabric but some dogs may have a preference or may want to switch it up from time to time.
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10. Camo Dog Leash

Remember that John Deere leash I mentioned? In a fit of anxiety our dog partially chewed it—if it unravels any further it won’t serve a purpose so I will have to get this one to replace it. Hmmm… Oh and it also comes in pink!
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11. Camo Dog Collar

For the non-duck hunting dogs, here’s a nice camo collar.
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12. Pink Camo Hoodie

Again, I didn’t want to leave the girl dogs out of the camo fashion.
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13. Collapsible Camo Travel dog bowl

Your dog goes everywhere with you, it’s nice to have a travel bowl to pour some water into when you’re in the woods, at the beach, around a bonfire, or wherever your adventures take you and your canine friend.
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14. Camo Dog Backpack

For the dog on the go, let him carry his own gear!
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15. Camo Duck Dog Toy

This would also be a great stocking stuffer for Santa to bring a dog for Christmas.
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What about you? Do you already have any camo dog accessories or have some on your wish list that didn’t make it to this list? Please share in the comments below!

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