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11 Must Have Truck Lift Kits

A lifted truck is a modification — a suspension lift, and country men and women love their lifted trucks. Off-road, mudding, four wheeling enthusiasts will raise their rides so they can go further and deeper in those backwoods trails. Lift kits allow steeper departure, approach, and break-over angles — greater ground clearance, and accommodates bigger tires and wheels.

People ask all the time, “What’s the appeal of driving a monstrous, jacked up truck?” The answer to this question is simple, if you need to ask, then you won’t understand the answer. A truck is not only useful, it symbolizes the great American West, and like men loved their horses, men and women love their lifted trucks.

If you’re ready to go ride through the country mud, sit back, and take a look at the truck lift kits below.


Over 2,000 men and women from all over the nation were surveyed, about which type of vehicle they prefer to drive; results show that an astounding 80 percent prefer to drive trucks.
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Truck lift kits give country folks a better mode of maneuvering through muddy dirt roads, and along hard-to-reach areas.
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Not just needed for utilitarian vehicles, lifted trucks are desired by country and city folks alike. These truck lift kits raise your truck high, and just plain look better.
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Truck buyers will purchase one, not only because of need, but because they like the way it looks and makes them feel. A lifted truck is synonymous with John Wayne movies – or the rough and tough men of days long passed.
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Suburban folks live vicariously through the western cowboys and deep country men and women, by purchasing a truck.
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A lifted truck’s low gears and lifted, big tires are intended for rough terrain, and areas where regular trucks or cars would never make it through.
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Whether you want a truck lift kit for the usefulness of it, or you just like the look, a lifted truck will ensure that you’ll be able to travel down pretty much any road or trail you choose.
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That “Big black jacked up truck”, like the one Luke Bryan sings about, is the one a lot of young cowboys and cowgirls dream about having when they grow up.
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A big, lifted pickup truck is a cultural thing. Mud tires and a lift kit might be the best possible Christmas gift for that special hunter or huntress this Holiday Season.
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Nothing feels better than pulling up at the stoplight, driving your big lifted pickup, and looking down at a man or women driving a Prius. Sure, the environment thanks those smart-car driving folks, but this country needs its hard-working farmers and cowboys, and they need their trucks.
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Jack that bad boy truck on up, and watch the looks and stares you’ll get from the green-eyed eco-friendly cars.
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