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11 Ingenious Products Made With Duct Tape

Rednecks from all over will appreciate the following ingenious ideas based upon products made by using Duct Tape. It seems that men in general, have a love-hate relationship with Duct Tape, until recently; people from all walks-of-life are coming up with the most insane, yet ridiculously clever ideas on using Duct Tape.

1. Duct Tape All Over T-shirt

If you are looking for a good laugh, from literally every person you walk by, then the Duct Tape T-Shirt will get you the giggles you seek. Although this t-shirt is not actually made from Duct Tape, the print on the shirt makes it appear as though you handcrafted your own redneck t-shirt invention from tape.
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2. Silver Super Duct Tape Trifold Wallet

Why yes, rednecks with Duct Tape can make a wallet. Ducti’s Trifold Billfold is a spin on the standard trifold wallet design and is made from super duct tape and nickel-plated eyelets for extra reinforcement. The perfect gag, or a really durable, log-lasting wallet for your redneck cousin.
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3. Chaparral Duct Tape Purse

Okay all of you Redneck Women, we have the perfect, sophisticated Duct Tape bag of your dreams. This guaranteed to not peel or become sticky taped purse is sure to be the envy of your family reunion.
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4. Duct Tape Bandages

Why you would buy this, when most of us know some redneck that has a roll of tape ready for injuries, we-don’t-know! But here you have a lovely pack of faux Duct Tape bandages.
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5. Pink Duct Tape for the Kindle Fire

You have to admit, this Kindle Fire, Pink Duct Tape Case is adorable. The ideal gift for that sweet little precious redneck niece. This beauty comes in a size medium and is actually very cute.
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6. Silver Duct Tape Flower Bouquet

Can you say perfect for my Husband? Men do not particularly like to be sent flowers for special occasions; especially country men. However, how cool would it be to send your man a Bouquet of Duct Tape Flowers?
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7. Man’s Duct Tape Tie

This necktie is a model gift idea for the Duct Tape King, or queen, in your life. This gag-gift is sure to get a laugh, with the total Silver Duct Tape Design. 
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8. Pink Bow Made from Duct Tape

What little girl wouldn’t love this adorable Pink Duct Tape Bow with Hair Clip? Of course, it is made from utility tape, but you really can’t tell, as it is just delightful.
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9. Zebra Print Duct Tape Flowers

A unique gift for a Duct Tape queen, this Zebra Printed Utility Tape is the best gift for the country gal who can’t live without her Duct Tape. Comes with six-handcrafted Duct Tape roses, three hot-pink zebra printed, and three black and white zebra printed flowers. This bouquet is finished off with a star wire adornment that is draped around a vase.
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10. DUCT TAPE Coffee Mug

This gift Screams, “Tim the Tool man Taylor.” This Duct Tape Coffee Cup is a good gift for Father’s day or even to your husband on his birthday. This Duct Tape Mug is made of ceramic but is intended to look as if it were fashioned from a roll of silver utility tape.
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11. Duct Tape IPod Touch 4G Skins

Designed to look like you Duct Taped your iPod, this Duct Tape Inspired Cover also comes with a free downloadable wallpaper to match! Who hasn’t thought of Duct taping their phone, well someone decided to market your Redneck brain-child. 
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