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10 Vintage Water Pumps

Did water pumps ever really go away? I know my in laws still have and use one outside at their farmhouse, and from what I learned researching the topic they could make a decent amount of money if they ever decided to sell it. I do strongly feel that a water pump is a key part of country decor. If you don’t yet own a water pump or want to expand your collection – check out these items below that will further develop your country home style. If you have any of these, have any ideas for decorating with any of these items, etc. please do comment below. I’d love to hear your ideas!

1. Antique Water Pump Lamp

This unique lamp is made from an actual antique water pump. I could see this as a highlight to any room— even in a kitchen! You’ll get lots of questions from your family and friends about it— and don’t be surprised if everyone tries to see if the pump handle still works.
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2. Cast Iron Water Pump (Vintage from 1900-1909)

If you’re a creative type, you could probably come up with some great uses for this as a part of your decor— planter, sink faucet, chandelier, end table piece, lamp like the above, etc. The possibilities are endless! Or if you’re really handy like my husband, you can restore this and get it back to its working glory. How cool would it be to get your water from this?
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3. Vintage Cast Iron Water Pump (from the 1920s)

Much like the above, this water pump could have endless uses as a part of your rustic/industrial/farmhouse decor. I am really tempted to buy this for my house but I’ll leave it for y’all. If you buy this or the one above, we’d love to see the pictures of how you incorporated this into your home! Or comment below and tell us!
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4. Vintage Water Pump Replica Lamp

So this isn’t an actual water pump but is vintage from the 1960s and has a really cute gingham tan plaid shade. And the price is awesome too. With it being ceramic and plaster I’m sure it is a lot lighter than its counterparts. Whoever manufactured this did a great job replicating the pump part and making it look like old metal.
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5. Real Water Pump – Acme 1912

I think this is my favorite— and of course it is, because it is the most expensive! My mom always told me I had champagne taste on a beer budget. As an aside, I need to figure out a new version of that saying because I hate champagne. Anyway, this pump is gorgeous in red and being from 1912 it is pretty old. I’m a huge Anne of Green Gables fan and I could imagine her using something like this to get her water out of.
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6. Vintage Wooden Water Pump Lamp

For those of you who love 1960s/mid-century modern with clean lines, this is the lamp for you. I’d probably change out the shade though, I think the current shade is doing it a serious injustice. A super cool feature is you can turn the lamp on and off with….wait for it…. the pump handle!! And this is at such a low price too— much like the above I am tempted to buy it but I already have 1 too many lamps and so I will leave it for someone else to buy and make it a part of their home (insert sad face).
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7. Rustic Barn Water Pump Photograph

Where do I start with this— I LOVE IT! The nostalgic feeling this photograph evokes is worth the price of admission. Added bonus? This chick is from Louisville, Kentucky where I grew up! For those of you not from there— it is pronounced “Luavul” – that’s the best way I can explain without saying it. Saying Looeyville (which yes, is probably the appropriate pronunciation), is like nails on a chalkboard for us natives and a sure fire way to let people know you aren’t from there. Sorry, that was a long tangent, back to the topic (but please do comment below if you share my hometown). Also, if you love horses (who doesn’t????), this girl has some AMAZING horse photographs for sale. I checked out her shop and that was another tangent for me.
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8. Vintage Water Pump Photograph with Running Water

Okay, so this girl isn’t from Louisville, but she does have some major street cred being from San Antonio, Texas. I love this photo as well, with the rustic barn wood in the background. I’m trying to think of what kind of frame would look best with this— first thought is rustic barn wood but then I’m thinking that would be too much barn wood. Solid black? Something that looks like rusty metal would be cool if something like that exists. Any ideas? Please do comment and let me know. So I did check out this artist’s shop; she too is very talented but I have to say the Venetian masks seriously creep me out. I did always have a fear of clowns so that might be why. She does have some other great vintage photographs— like a wagon wheel, vintage truck, landscape featuring an old barn, and one of my favorites— a “Welcome Cowboys” photograph.
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9. Water Pump Photograph

What can I say? These Texans have talent! This artist is from Roanoke, Texas and much like the other two, she is very talented. I went on, you guessed it, another tangent looking at her shop— this job is a dangerous one for someone like me. She has an amazing picture of woods in there that I highly recommend checking out. I’m going to have to feature some of these in a future article. Anyway, the water pump photograph is up close and the detail is remarkable. I could see doing a collection of these prints in a hallway, family room, you name it.
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10. Red Water Pump Photograph

Yet another talented photographer— this one is from Ohio, another destination with some good countryside to offer. The red water pump featured in the print is striking, it is neat how she made the background more muted so the water pump seems to jump off of the print. Add this to the collection mentioned above :). And, much like the other artists I looked at her shop, she too has some great prints including another great one of the woods….what are your thoughts of me doing a forest print feature? I would enjoy researching it!
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If you have made it this far— I am honored! As I mention above, I would love for this to be an interactive post. I get kinda lonely when I don’t get any comments! It’s like talking to someone on the phone for a good bit then you ask them a question and… silence. I know that’s not really what is happening here, just telling you how I feel.

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