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10 Reclaimed Wine/Whiskey Barrel Vanities

Who doesn’t love a good barrel? And barrels are such a key part of country decor. These 10 vanities have cleverly incorporated the beloved barrel into their design. As I mention below, I could see these in a powder room, bar room or wine tasting room, guest bathroom, you name it. These are great conversation starters, and will definitely be a one-of-a kind way to give your bathroom country style! I know you would be the first person I know with a barrel sink! I am hoping to be the second :). Enjoy!

1. Wine Barrel Vanity with Copper Sink

I LOVE this sink! This sink is made from an up-cycled Napa Valley Wine barrel and would be so unique to have in your home. I could see this being a conversation piece in a powder room, and the awesome thing is it has doors so you can store extra hand towels, toilet paper, soap in there. If you are a wine lover, whiskey lover, barrel lover, or just love a rustic look this is the sink for you. And how cool that the sink is copper- I would love to change the pedestal sink in my powder room with this and have a little character with storage to boot!
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2. Barrel Vanity with Copper Sink – Whiskey Finish

I love this one too! Looks to be the same manufacturer (different seller). This one still has the amazing distressed copper sink — this time it is inset into the barrel. The faucet is slightly different too. I’m not sure which one I like better! If you had the financial means you could get one of each — one for a powder room, one for a bar room in the basement. Seriously, how cool would it be to have this be your bar room sink instead of one of those generic sinks without character?
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3. Barrel Vanity with Copper Sink – Natural Finish

It certainly doesn’t hurt to give a girl options, much like with your boots. Quick tangent— but are you like me and when you find a shirt or pair of boots you like, you buy one in every color that works for your complexion? I do that with t-shirts, inexpensive shoes, you name it. And when I haven’t, I have regretted it. My husband thinks I’m nuts, and he may be on to something (but he did marry me anyway, so he can’t blame me), but I think it is a smart way to manage my wardrobe. And he did once tell me I don’t have a lot of clothes for a girl so he can’t be too upset. Anyway, back to the article— this is another option, if you prefer the natural finish. Same faucet and inset sink as above. I think I am a whiskey finish kind of girl, but I do like the natural finish too— it makes the bands stand out.
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4. Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Vanity

Okay, give me a chance on this one. I for one do NOT like the dolphin faucet….what in the world does a dolphin have to do with a whiskey barrel?!? Come on Aunt Molly’s Barrel Products! If you do like it, please don’t take offense, and perhaps if you are a country gal in Florida this would go perfectly with your decor. What I do love is the reclaimed barrel, the character it has, and the porcelain sink— makes it very rustic. I am thinking if you are handy or know someone who is, it would be relatively easy to replace the faucet. You’re mostly paying for the barrel I think? Then you could sell the dolphin faucet on an online auction.
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5. Wall Mount Oak Wine Barrel Sink

This one hangs on the wall— nice to have that flexibility in case you want it taller or shorter. Downside is it doesn’t come with the sink or vanity top, but I kind of see that as a bonus after our little dolphin friend above. That way you can make sure it is 100% personalized for you! Again, this would be cool in a powder room, bar room, wine tasting room, guest bathroom, etc.
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6. Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Vanity with Water Pump-esque Faucet!

Aunt Molly’s Barrel Products also made this one, and redeemed themselves with it in my book! For those of you who read our water pump article yesterday, the faucet is reminiscent of a water pump so you get two country styles in one item, and they go quite well together! Hey that’s an idea— if you are handy, go down to Kentucky’s bourbon trail and get yourself an old whiskey barrel. I think it would probably need a good cleaning though having your bathroom or barroom smell like whiskey isn’t the end of the world. Then, you could buy a water pump like one of the ones I featured yesterday— the green one comes to mind. From there all you need is a drill, some plumbing expertise, and a sink basin and you’re set. I have way oversimplified this, but if you are a DIY’er (and are good with plumbing— that’s kind of necessary with sinks), this is a great one of a kind project. If you’re like me and have to create a honey do list and wait a year to get a faucet swapped out, you may just want to go with this one that’s already done. I love this one, I think it is my favorite so far.
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7. Reclaimed Wine Barrel Vanity with Copper sink and Pump-esque Faucet!

I have a new favorite!! Don’t worry Aunt Molly, I still love the sink above, but I love this one too. The nice thing about this is you can choose your finish from Natural Oak, Cabernet, Light Cherry, English Chestnut, and Dark Walnut. How cool is that? And did I say how much I love faucets that look like Water pumps? Now, to convince my husband we NEED one of these in our powder room…..ladies, if you have a good argument to use please add it in the comments below!
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8. Wall Mount Wine Barrel Vanity WITH built in Light!

This is why I love Etsy— look at what a creative mind at work can do. Awesome! So you would have to message the seller to confirm this came with the vanity top and faucet since it isn’t specific in the listing. If it does— it looks to be hammered copper with a water pump looking faucet- bonus! You could probably also message them to see if they could add doors for storage too. In checking out their shop, they have a lot of cool lights, I could see a couple going really well with this (they even have a couple made from beer mugs!)
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9. Reclaimed Tennessee Whiskey Barrel with Glass Sink

This comes from the seller DarryIsBarrels in Panama City, FL. Added bonus, if you are within 100 miles of Panama City, he will deliver it to you FREE. What a nice guy. Other bonus, he has a lot of cool barrel furniture in his shop (which really shouldn’t be surprising, his store is aptly named :). This sink features a Tennessee whiskey barrel which is sanded smooth and protected with 2 coats of poly, a glass sink, and Italian faucet already plumbed in with two braided water lines (whatever those are, they sound like they’re a good idea though).
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10. Napa Valley Wine Barrel Vanity with Carrera Marble Sink

This vanity is GORGEOUS! The carrera marble sink is beautiful, and I love the barrel and the fact that they included a door for storage. This is made by AlpineWineDesign, and they say you can message them about custom orders too. In checking out their shop, they also have a wine barrel mirror— that would go really well with this, don’t you think?
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Let me know in the comments below if you have one of these and how it is going for you – I am sure we’ll all have a case of barrel envy! Hope you enjoyed this installment, and Happy New Year’s Eve!