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10 Pieces of Shotgun Shell Art

Do you ever wonder what happens to all of those left over shotgun shell casings? Well, wonder no more, because we have come across a handful of artists who specialize in turning castoff casings into beautiful works of art. The old adage, “One man’s trash in another man’s treasure,” has never been truer. For where we might have seen only garbage, they saw nameplates, paintings and other creations. Support local artists and save the planet, one unique piece of shotgun shell art at a time. 

1. Custom Paint Job


Purchase any item from shotgun shell artist, Patrick Silverthorn, and he will further customize your one of a kind shotgun shell art with as many colors as you like.
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2. Rusted Shotgun Shells

Firearm enthusiasts will love this unique photograph of rusted shotgun shells. Photo is available in full color, sepia tones, or black and white to match a variety of color schemes.
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3. Shotgun Shell Letter

Eight-inch wooden block letter is covered in your choice of gold, silver or mixed shotgun shells and topped off with a twine hanger. Great custom gift idea for a baby shower or wedding! 
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4. Shotgun Shell Duck

Wall art made from spent shotgun shell casings in the outline of a duck’s head is a great home accessory for the duck hunting man.
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5. Black & White Shells

High velocity shotgun shells are ready to be fired. This black and white photograph is available in three sizes. Modern standout mounting requires no frame to hang.
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6. Shotgun Shell Painting

Bold brush strokes and vivid colors abound in this original oil painting of shotgun shells on canvas. Painting would look right at home in any man cave. 
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7. Shotgun Shell Nameplate

Custom name signs are created from recycled 12-gauge shotgun shell casings sunk into rustic, hand-distressed wood. Each sign includes a brass backing plate and hanging hardware.
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8. Shotgun Shell Transfer

Each shotgun shell wood transfer begins as an original photograph that is printed and transferred onto a piece of 8×10 birch wood, then protected with a UV and scratch resistant acrylic spray.
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9. Shotgun Shell Deer

Kissing deer wall art is an ideal gift for the couple that hunts together. Each spent shotgun shell casing is hand cut and individually mounted to the backing.
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10. Shotgun Shell Flag

American flag constructed from red, white, and blue shotgun shells will be well received by current and former military personnel or anyone with a patriotic spirit.
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