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10 Mason Jar Mugs

Drinking ice tea from a mason jar mug is the quintessential country experience. Useful for sipping all sorts of refreshing beverages, mason jar mugs make every drink a special experience, and they are particularly suited for beer and moonshine. But don’t limit your mason jar mug experience to serving beverages only. They can also be used to add an unexpected twist to your home’s décor, and can be utilized in producing creative gifts.

1. Vintage Mason Mugs

Established in 1898, Yorkshire has been making mason jars for over a century, and their expert craftsmanship is evident in this set of four vintage style mason jar mugs.
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2. Modern Mason Mugs

Not your grandma’s mason jars! Set of 12 mason jar mugs features clean lines and smooth sides that are ideal for decorating with etching cream or glass paint. 
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3. Country Fair Mugs

Country fairs may be a thing of the past, but these old fashioned mason jar mugs are not. Not just for drinking, these mugs can also be used with a lid for storage needs.
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4. Insulated Mason Tumbler

Pretty aqua mason jar tumbler comes with a lid and a wide straw that’s ideal for sipping smoothies. Double wall insulation prevents your drink from sweating and making a mess.
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5. Redneck Beer Mug

Wide mouth glass mason jar mug with a metal handle is a creative take on the traditional mason jar. 32-ounce mug can hold two bottles of beer with room to spare.
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6. Chalkboard Mug Set

Perfect for entertaining, chalkboard mason jar mugs provide a clever way to label your drinks. Just write guest’s names with included chalk, and wipe clean when the party is over.
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7. Lidded Mason Mugs

Twelve-pack of mason jar mugs comes with quality stainless steel lids. Use them to store parfaits, or fill them up with a friend’s favorite candy and give a thoughtful gift.
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8. Ceramic Mason Mugs

Ceramic glazed stoneware mason jar mugs come in a set of six assorted colors. Try using as a vase for a wildflower bouquet to add a touch of whimsy to your table.
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9. Vibrant Mason Tumblers

Set of three insulated mason jar tumblers with handles, colorful lids, and matching straws. This set is a must have for the country girl on the go.
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10. Personalized Mason Mugs

Celebrate the union of your favorite country couple with a pair of custom “Mr.” and “Mrs.” mason jar mugs personalized with their last name and wedding date.
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