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10 Homespun Barn Photography Prints

From the farmlands of Oregon to the pastures of Maine, and everywhere in between, nothing is more iconic and representative of the American countryside than an old weathered barn. Whether painted red or left natural, tin-roofed or shingled, barns are as diverse as the country is wide. Display a photograph of a barn in your home or office and honor the hardworking farmers who help feed a hungry nation. 

1. Red Barn in Winter

This photograph of a classic red gable style barn against a backdrop of barren trees was captured along a country road in Oregon on a dark and stormy winter day. You can almost smell the snow in the air.
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2. Red Barn at Midday

Vivid barn photograph depicts rays of sun breaking through the cloud barrier and shining down on a traditional red barn on a bright summer day.
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3. Red Barn at Sunset

Breathtaking barn on Georgia farmland was photographed as the sun was setting on a beautiful fall day. The red barn seems to come alive against the tree line. 
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4. Nebraska Barn

Storm clouds are rolling in over a farm in south central Nebraska, and the battered barn stands strong, prepared to once again withstand the brunt of the storm. Makes an ideal gift for any storm chaser.
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5. Americana Barn

Classic Americana is brought to life in this idyllic country scene of a cheerful red barn with a traditional tin roof and silo surrounded by lush green pastures. Fits well with existing Americana décor.
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6. Tennessee Barn

Brilliant red barn with peeling paint next to a large grain silo breaks against bright blue skies and lazy clouds on a farm in rural Tennessee.
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7. Fall Barn

Photograph of an antique barn on a lovely fall day in muted colors will be printed on canvas and finished with a scratch resistant coating to create a long lasting piece of art.
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8. Country Barn

Black and white photograph of a working barn in an unidentified landscape could be just about anywhere in rural America. Try pairing with a red frame for an unexpected pop of color.
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9. Haystack Barn

The barn is this photograph is filled to the brim with haystacks. The picture was captured shortly after the hay had been harvested and stored for later use.
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10. Weathered Barn

Professional photograph of a snow covered Maine barn in late winter will arrive framed and matted, and signed by the award-winning artist.
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