10 Country Pepper Mills and Salt Shaker Sets

Savor the flavor of classic country cuisine and purchase your very own pepper mill. A pepper mill is a country kitchen essential used to make fresh pepper pop and enhance the flavor of your food. Pepper mills are the perfect combination of function and decoration. They are efficient and easy to use, making meal time a fun and interactive experience. Of course, if you can’t have pepper without the salt, you might find purchasing a shaker set is a better bet for you.

1. Reclaimed Pepper Mill Set

Vintage charm and character abound in reclaimed wooden salt shaker and pepper mill set. Each lovingly crafted set is made to order in a color of your choosing. 
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2. Vintage Shaker Set

Vintage Shaker Set

Hand painted and distressed vintage wooden pepper mill and salt shaker set in a sunny yellow will brighten up even the darkest of kitchens. Perfect for a country cottage.
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3. Peugeot Pepper Grinder

Peugeot Pepper Grinder

Authentic 20s era Peugeot wooden pepper mill grinder is a rare find, and is in excellent condition. This piece is destined to become a treasured family heirloom.
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4. Antique Pepper Mill

Antique Pepper Mill

Antique 1930s French pepper mill is the epitome of French country style. Place in a prominent area and your guests will admire it for years to come.
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5. Turquoise Pepper Mill Set

Turquoise Pepper Mill Set

Add a pop of color to your country table scape with this repurposed wooden pepper mill set that’s been hand painted and distressed in a beautiful turquoise blue. 
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6. Shabby Chic Shaker Set

Shabby Chic Shaker Set

Hand distressing provides a shabby chic look to this vintage wooden shaker set in a muted mint green. Set is coated in a layer of clear wax for a shiny finish.
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7. Statement Pepper Mill Set

Statement Pepper Mill Set

Custom made salt shaker and pepper mill sets are made to order from recycled wooden pieces. Each statement set measures between 10 and 11 inches tall.
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8. Pink Shaker Set

Pink Shaker Set

Colorful pink shaker set lends a contemporary vibe to this old-fashioned salt shaker and pepper mill. Set has been sealed with a clear varnish so it can be cleaned without damaging the color.
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9. 1970s Pepper Mill Set

1970s Pepper Mill Set

1970s salt shaker and pepper mill set looks as beautiful as the day it was purchased. Natural wood finish has been retained for an authentic look.
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10. Japanese Salt & Pepper Set

Japanese Salt & Pepper Set

Japanese salt shaker and pepper mill set are expertly crafted from solid walnut. Easy to fill 1950s set is in excellent working condition.
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