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10 Country Hunting Toys

Aside from the usual birthday or Christmas present, there are a number of reasons for purchasing a hunting toy for a child. Perhaps you want to familiarize young children with proper weapon safety prior to putting the real thing in their hands. Or, you might want to teach them how to perfect their aim without wasting expensive ammo. Perhaps, you just want to spend some quality one-on-one time with your favorite little person. Whatever the reason, your child is sure to enjoy a realistic hunting toy.

1. Duck Hunter Launch-N-Load

Realistic duck hunting experience for kids can be used both inside and outdoors. Launch the flying duck, then three direct hits with the safe infrared beam will bring the duck down.
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2. Air Hunterz Double Shotz

Set up cans and knock them down with powerful dart blaster air guns. Set includes two dart blasters, eight darts, and six target cans. No batteries necessary. 
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3. Flying Duck Hunt

Indoor flying duck hunt game includes a duck that actually flies with realistic flapping wings and a stabilizing tail. Flight pattern can be adjusted for straight or circular flight.
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4. Wild West Shooting

Help little ones perfect their aim with this western style shooting game. Cans and bottles will fly off the log when hit by the harmless infrared beam. Works up to 30 feet away. 
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5. Pump Action Shotgun

Familiarize children with the mechanics of a pump action shotgun using this realistic full sized 30” shotgun hunting rifle that actually loads and ejects the four included shotgun shells.
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6. Z-Curve Hunting Bow

Bow and arrow kit includes a left- or right-handed z-curve bow and three arrows. Safe design prevents child from shooting anything other than provided foam and suction cup arrows.
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7. Crossbow Hunting Set

22” crossbow toy will make any little one feel all grown up. Crossbow includes a scope, two safe 12” suction cup arrows, and two bonus deer targets for hunting practice. 
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8. Swift Strike Crossbow

Stealthy crossbow with realistic shooting action comes with six foam darts that shoot up to 25 feet. Store extra ammo in the stock of the crossbow for easy access.
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9. Tracker Long Bow

Realistic long bow toy set includes a camouflage tracker long bow, shoulder quiver, and four safe suction cup arrows that can shoot up to 20 feet.
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10. Nerf Target Set

Perfect precision aiming with a Nerf target set. Toy includes one Nerf blaster gun, target, and 10 suction cup darts in two colors for shooting competitions.
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