10 Country Chocolate Molds

Chocolate molds are no longer just for highbrow city folk. There are several country chocolate molds that will fit your needs. Mold chocolate into a number of different shapes, including guns, ammo, trucks, and cowboy boots. Use chocolate molds to create a unique treat for themed parties, showers, or business promotions. There are a number of other uses for chocolate molds, too. Use the molds to shape homemade soaps and butter, to create fun gelatin desserts, or extraordinary ice cubes.

1. 4×4 Truck Mold

Perfect for a child’s birthday party, this four-wheel drive truck mold can be used to make large chocolate pops, or plaster trucks that can be used as table decorations.
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2. Revolver Gun Mold

Revolver Gun Mold

If you love guns and chocolate, then this is the mold for you. Melt your favorite chocolate and pour into the molds to create a remarkable revolver treat.
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3. AK-47 Bullet Mold

AK-47 Bullet Mold

Have plans to host a Scarface movie night? Then give this chocolate mold a shot. Fill molds with water to create AK-47 bullet ice cubes to go along with the movie.
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4. Six Shot Mold

Six Shot Mold

Use the six shot mold to decorate a cake for the gun nut in your life. Use the chocolate revolver as a cake topper and decorate the edge with bullets.
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5. Mini Horseshoe Mold

Mini Horseshoe Mold

Make 16 mini chocolate horseshoes at once with this mold. These lucky little horseshoes are the perfect party favors for the country couple’s wedding reception.
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6. Bass Fish Mold

Bass Fish Mold

This bass fish mold is ideal for the avid angler. Each mold is just the right size to create unique handmade soaps to give your favorite fisherman.
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7. Cowboy Boot Mold

Cowboy Boot Mold

These boots are made for eating, so that’s just what you’ll do. Create one of kind chocolate cowboy boots to share with a friend or two.
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8. Cowboy Hat Mold

Cowboy Hat Mold

If you’re looking for a creative way to serve jello shots, then try filling these cowboy hat molds with your favorite mixture the next time you throw a party.
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9. BB Gun Mold

BB Gun Mold

You definitely won’t shoot your eye out with this BB gun. Use a BB gun mold the next time you make homemade butter, and your dinner guests will be thoroughly impressed. 
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10. Mini Hearts Mold

Mini Hearts Mold

Mold makes 15 mini hearts. Great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift, or anytime you want to show your special someone how much you love him.
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