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10 Country Chic Barn Door Hardware Sets

So, you’re thinking of installing a barn door in your home? Good for you. With their exposed hardware and simple design, barn doors are pleasing to the eye. They are ideal for tight spaces where a traditional swinging door would take up too much space, and they are easier to install and maintain compared to pocket doors. Barn doors are incredibly versatile, too, so whether your style is rustic country or more contemporary, you’re certain to find a door as unique as your personality.

1. Vintage Strap Hardware

Hand crafted of American made steel, this durable hardware comes with a lifetime warranty. The vintage strap design allows for increased weight-bearing capabilities, and it’s available in lengths up to 9 feet long, making it ideal for hanging double barn doors. Plus, it can be used both inside and outside.
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2. Stainless Steel Interior Hardware

Modern stainless steel is a nice contrast to an otherwise neutral palette. This shiny, satin-finish hardware looks dainty, but is actually quite sturdy. This hefty hardware set can hold a whopping 220 pounds!
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3. Antique Country Hardware

This antique diamond-shaped hardware is attractive enough to be found in some quaint little winery, but would look even better in a country kitchen. The dark brown finish looks beautiful paired with natural wood tones.
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4. Antique Horseshoe Hardware

Heavy-duty antique horseshoe hardware set is made of high quality steel and can hold up to 170 pounds. Aesthetically pleasing, this unique hardware is ideal for use in stables offices or anywhere you want to be reminded of the joys of horseback riding.
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5. Frosted Black Steel Hardware

Black steel hardware set can support up to 170 pounds and hold doors up to 36 inches wide. Great for use with narrow openings, like those found on closets, pantries and bathrooms. Try pairing this hardware with a brightly painted door to add a pop of color to any room.
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6. Classic Artisan Hardware

This 6 foot American made steel track has a very industrial look, and it can be installed just about anywhere in the interior or exterior of your home. Completely customizable, this hardware can be trimmed to fit your needs. 
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7. Z Barn Door Kit

Unlike most barn door sets, this kit includes the door, as well. The incredibly strong, classic Z-configuration door is made of stained solid alder wood, and stands at an impressive 7 feet tall and 3 feet wide. This would be a gorgeous addition to any country home.
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8. Modern European Hardware

Sleek minimal details make this solid steel hardware set feel very contemporary. Designed for use indoors, it can hold doors up to 170 pounds. The modern European design looks really nice with more elaborate doors. 
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9. Vintage Horseshoe Hardware

This vintage horseshoe hardware is made in America and comes with a lifetime warranty. Extremely well built, this hardware can hold a whopping 500 pounds! But measure carefully before you purchase, ladies, as this hardware requires at least 9 inches of clearance above the door.
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10. Modern American Style

This sturdy, modern hardware set will look nice in any country home. Consider painting the hardware and door the same color as the neutral walls, and instantly make any room look bigger.
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