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10 Amazing Bracelets Featuring Fish Hook Designs

Any girl who grew up in the country experienced plenty of outdoor thrills. From going to a gathering with friends and some good old country music to enjoying a relaxing Saturday afternoon on the bank of some local creek fishing with your grandfather. The country has rugged loveable activities for everyone. Good jewelry that fits a country lifestyle is not always easy to find, but it is something that all girls need a bit of. Let’s discuss some of the amazing jewelry options that are more suited for a country lady. Bracelets can have simple relevant designs that would go with your jeans and cowgirl boots any day.

1. Silver Hope Bracelet

This bracelet has a sterling silver chain that centers your focus on a beautiful silver charm in the shape of a fishing hook. The charm is engraved with the word hope, which is something we all experience when we are fishing and in our everyday lives.
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2. Nautical Fashion Fish Hook Bracelet

This adjustable corded bracelet is available with nylon band colors ranging from black, blue, red, olive, or multicolored. The band enclosure is a stunning silver fish hook that can be sported by anyone.
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3. Beautiful Black Hook Bracelet

This is an adjustable nylon rope bracelet that comes on a multitude of colors. Some of the more unique options available are jamacia, amazon, bat, dragon and starry. The bracelet is connected by a black plated fish hook charm that really completes the look.
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4. Bronze Tarnished Hook Charm

This specific charm is a great asset to any country girl’s collection. The fact that it is bronze makes it look like an actual fishing hook and would go great with any hemp style bracelet. The charm’s hole is 5mm so make sure the bracelet cord you choose is the appropriate size.
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5. Gold Plated Hook Alloy Bracelet

This bracelet features a fine Italian handmade calf skin leather band that is adjustable. The band is available in brown, navy, burgundy and army colors and is accompanied by a gold plated fish hook closure point.
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6. Rustic Bronze Hope Bracelet

This bracelet has a very rustic look for anyone looking for a bronze accessory to add to their collection. The look includes a centered bronze hook that is engraved with the word hope and accentuated by a rustic small linked chain.
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7. Sterling Silver Hook Bangle Bracelet

This beautiful silver bracelet features a bangle design that’s sure to please any country girl looking for some new shiny jewelry. The fishing hook style clasp really completes a down to earth look if you are thinking of kicking up your boots and doing some line dancing during a night out.
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8. Two Toned Hook Bangle Bracelet

This stunning stylish bracelet is a different take on a bangle bracelet. The actual main bracelet is a stunning silver with features such as the rope and hook enclosure pieces coated with a brilliant gold.
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9. Nautical Themed Bracelet

This is a nylon rope style bracelet that has a red and white band with an enclosure that can consist of a fishing hook or an anchor. Either of the clasp styles can either be gold plated or silver plated which can add a unique look to the bracelet itself.
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10. Unique Hook Bracelet

This bracelet sports a white nylon band with red and blue features with your choice of a fishing hook or an anchor clasp. Gold plating finishes off the anchor while stunning black plating completes the look of the fishing hook.
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