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11 of the Best Truck Hitch Covers for Country Girls

If you love to hunt, fish, drive on dirt roads, or go mudding after a good rain, then you probably drive a truck. Below you can find the best trailer hitch covers to show your love for your backwoods hobbies.

1. Silly Boys Trucks For Girls

Country ladies love riding in trucks, but they love driving them more! This two-inch Trailer Hitch Cover is the perfect quote for those strong-minded, independent cowgirls, who can drive a truck, hunt, and fish as good as any man.
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2. Pink Camo Deer Hunter

Much like the Salt Life™, Lake Life™ and way of life bumper sticker clubs, this Pink Camo Deer Hunter Hitch Cover will let them know you are a Country gal who hunts.
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3. Flip Flops Hitch Cover

Lake loving cowgirls love their boots, but enjoy their flip flops in the hot summer season. Represent your flip flop wearing club with this Flip Flops Hitch Cover, in an embossed black outline and nickeled finish.
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4. Buckmark Metal Hitch Cover

Hunters love this Buckmark Hitch Cover for their trucks. This rugged and durable hitch cover is well-suited for most hitches and features Browning’s Buckmark insignia – made in chrome and black background.
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5. Girls Like Guns Too

This 2″ tow hitch cover with a black background and hot pink guns ablaze is ideal for any gun enthusiast country girl. Pull up in your pickup truck with this tough-girl trailer hitch.
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6. “Save The Girls” Breast Cancer Ribbon

Represent the girls with this tribute to Breast Cancer Survivors all over the world. What girl doesn’t love pink, and you can show your support with a bad-to-the-bone trailer hitch.
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7. Sassy Girl – Woman Tow Trailer Hitch Cover Plug Insert

If you’re a little feisty and you don’t mind leting folks know it, this quoted “Sassy Girl” hitch cover will make a bold statement, while showing you fun side as well.
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8. “Farm Girl” Custom Trailer Hitch Plug

Driving tractors and working in the field, this “Farm Girl” Custom Hitch shows that you’re made of the tough-stuff. Show your passion for country life with the customized Trailer Hitch by Redeye Laserworks.
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9. Silly Boys Hunting Is For Girls

Show your pride for hunting with this quoted hitch cover that will look sassy on your truck. Dress up the rear with this adorable “Silly Boys Hunting Is For Girls” cover.
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10. Diamond Rectangular – Trailer Hitch Cover

What a pretty accessory this customizable trailer hitch will make on the back of your truck. Add a little flair and individuality to your truck or car with this vibrant, tailor-made initials trailer hitch.
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11. Big Girl Toy

Show-off your attitude with this Big Girl Toy hitch cover for your trailer. Let drivers know you’re the kind of country girl who loves to ride four-wheelers, drive trucks and shoot guns. 
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