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10 Country Glam Gun Earrings

Country girls and guns go hand in hand. You learned how to shoot at a young age, and you probably learned to respect their power when you were even younger. You love your guns and you want everyone to know it, so show your support for the right to bear arms with a pair of country glam gun earrings. Gun earrings are available in gold, silver, and bronze, so there is something for everyone.

1. Mini Six Shooters

Silver toned six shooter dangle earrings feature true to life detailing. Plus, they are completely nickel free, so they are great for girls with sensitive ears.
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2. Vintage Bronze Guns

Pay homage to the early days of gun slinging with a pair of vintage style snub nose revolver stud earrings in bronze. They’re just big enough to get you noticed.
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3. Shiny Crystal Revolvers

Lead-free, silver plated revolver studs are finely detailed and embellished with round crystal stones throughout the gun. Earrings come in a pretty gift box, so they are ready for gifting.
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4. Machine Gun Hoops

Large three-inch bamboo hoops encircle an elaborate machine gun. These gold tone earrings are big, but the hoops are hollow, so they are not heavy at all.
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5. Crystal Pistol Studs

Silver tone pistol stud earrings are ornamented with clear round crystals everywhere except for the double barrel. Try wearing them with a black leather jacket for a tough as nails look.
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6. Pink Crystal Pistols

Both strong and delicate, these pistol stud earrings are bedecked in pink crystals. They’re the perfect earrings for girls who love their guns but also love to wear pink.
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7. Dual Revolver Dangles

Western style revolvers are crisscrossed in this pair of dangle earrings. Covered in clear round stones, they provide the right amount of bling for everyday wear or a special occasion.
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8. Fuchsia Gun Dangles

Lightweight plastic gun dangle earrings in bright fuchsia are an attention grabbing detail. Makes a great gift for country girls of all ages, especially little girls and pre-teens.
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9. Wild West Pistols

For classic shoot ‘em up style, try these wild west dangle earrings featuring vintage western revolvers. These earrings are sure to add a little edge to any outfit.
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10. Gold Pistols Studs

Gold tone pistol stud earrings are festooned with clear round crystals over most of the body of the gun. Earrings are treated to prevent tarnishing for maximum longevity.
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